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AT1200 Major overhaul tools for Cummins B series e
Timing pin boss
Screwdriver  6"(+)
Piston ring
Oil filter wrench  (76-125mm)
Torque wrench  (72-200,16-88N.M)
Cam shaft ring
Oil line Punch
Gear puller
Thickness gauge
Injector sleeve
Front oil seal bush
Back oil seal bush
camshaft starter
Punch for bowl-shape bush between front and back oil lines
Punch for bowl-shape bush of oil ruler
Oil plug/extension bar
Socket  (1/2 dr)  10,12,13,15,18mm
Joint bar  (1/2*1/2*10")
Universal  joint   (1/2 dr)
Ratchet wrench  (1/2 dr)
Top dead center
Oil plug Punch
S shape spanner
Adaptor   (1/2*3/8dr)
Starting lever for front end
L shape spanner
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